J.J. Abrams' 'Stranger' Video Is Viral Marketing For The Novel 'S.' By Doug Dorst? (VIDEO) [UPDATE]

From the files of J.J. Abrams' mystery box comes this new video, a creepy and stylish look at a mysterious man in shackles and some dude with his mouth sewn shut. EW.com debuted the video -- which bears the title of "Stranger" -- but offered no other clues about its meaning. Quite literally, in fact: The site invited readers to speculate about whether it's a new film, television show or online project. One thing it's probably not is "Star Wars: Episode VII," the next film Abrams is scheduled to direct. Or maybe it is and Jedi's have no mouths anymore? Check out "Stranger" above, and expect to find out more "soon."

UPDATE: "Soon" has arrived in the form of some more speculation. As Bleeding Cool pointed out, the key to the "Stranger" video might lay in an earlier HuffPost Books report on the novel "S.," which Abrams commissioned for author Doug Dorst to write. (The teases share similar fonts.) "S." is due out on Oct. 19; more on that project can be found here.

[via EW]

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