Joan Rivers Talks New Book, Trashes 'Glee'

Joan Rivers: Queen Elizabeth Needs Spanx

In Joan Rivers' new book, “I Hate Everyone … Starting with Me,” the comedian isn’t afraid to speak her mind. So much so that it’s the first book ever to be banned from Costco -- something that Joan says makes her very proud.

“We are the first book ever banned from Costco,” Rivers told me. “These are people that sell K-Y jelly by the pound. They banned my book because it's wild, it's outrageous, and it's hilarious. If The New York Times thinks it's okay, I would rather have them than Costco.”

In the book, Rivers goes on a tirade about all the things she hates, including the hit TV show "Glee."

“I’m sick of seeing happy homosexuals in high school," she told me. "The gay guys, who I adore, were not running around in high school singing and dancing. They were hiding, frightened they would be beaten to a pulp. Plus, Lea Michele isn’t in high school -- she’s a 37-year-old woman.”

But what's not in the book is the fact that Rivers is a surprisingly close friend of Prince Charles -- she attended his wedding to Camilla. And although she's close to the prince, she can’t help but say a few naughty things about his mother.

“She could use some Spanx,” Rivers joked about Queen Elizabeth.

Rivers, who just celebrated her 79th birthday by taking in a Broadway play with friends, said she has no intention of retiring any time soon -- watch out!

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