Jordan Davis' Friends Grieve Online, Promote #RIPJordan (PHOTOS)

RIP Jordan Davis: Friends Of Slain Teen Remember Him In Photos

One week after black teenager Jordan Davis was shot and killed in comparable circumstances to Trayvon Martin, his friends and family are working through their grief by posting photos and thoughts online with the #RIPJordan tag.

Some photos, like this one with alleged shooter Michael Dunn's mug shot from Instagram user big_leach, are tagged with both #RIPJordan and #RIPTrayvon. Former classmates of Davis are posting school emphemera like athletic rosters and using the photo description field to ask others to spread the details of his death.

According to police reports, on the evening of Friday, Nov. 23, Davis was sitting in an SUV parked outside a convenience store with several other teenagers when Michael Dunn, 45, pulled up next to them. Dunn and his fiancee were in Jacksonville to attend the wedding of Dunn's son. Police say that while Dunn's fiancee entered the store, Dunn asked the teens in the SUV to turn their music down. According to police, Dunn, who is white, exchanged words with the teenagers, and then fired eight or nine shots at their vehicle. He and his fiancee then allegedly drove away.

Dunn was arrested the next day, and has since pled not guilty to a murder charge. His attorney says Dunn acted in self-defense, claiming that the teens in the SUV were yelling threats and that Dunn believes he saw one of them wielding a shotgun. Police say that a shotgun was not found in the SUV.

Some, like Instagram user cheesynamehere, have suggested playing music loudly today in remembrance.

Some captions have been edited for length and clarity.

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