Justin Timberlake In 'Inside Llewyn Davis'? Coen Brothers Offer Star Role

Justin Timberlake Making Musical Comeback?

He was the young king of the music world before he stepped away to pursue his dream of film. Now, Justin Timberlake may be bringing his two careers together.

Timberlake, a Grammy-winner six times over before beginning his acting career full time, has been offered a spot in the Coen Brothers latest film, Variety reports. The flick, called "Inside Lewyn Davis," is a film about the early 60s folk scene in Greenwich Village, with the lead, a musician based on Village legend Dave Van Ronk, to be played by Oscar Isaac.

Timberlake would play a folk musician named Jim, who, quite interestingly, is married to Carey Mulligan; in this summer's "Drive," Mulligan and Isaac played a married couple.

Timberlake recently dipped back into music, producing an album for FreeSol and performing on a number of songs on the disc. Oh, and he also aced "The History of Rap" with Jimmy Fallon last week.

The film would pair the former pop star with arguably the most prestigious filmmakers of his career. He's had a banner calendar year, starring in hits such as David Fincher's "The Social Network," "Bad Teacher" and "Friends With Benefits." His latest film, "In Time," opened to a soft $12 million at the box office this past weekend.

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