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Katie Holmes' Shirtless H. Stern Ads Are One Way To Sell Jewelry (PHOTOS)

Katie Holmes is the new face of luxury jewelry company H.Stern, but in the ads, she's showing a lot more than her face. *rimshot*

In the ads, Katie poses sans shirt, staring down the camera with kohl-rimmed eyes and tousled hair while dripping in diamonds and gold jewelry and alternating between, well, a black bra and a white bra.

Katie, 33, has fronted fashion ads before (for Ann Taylor), but this is definitely the sexiest shill we've seen from her. (Although fans might remember that Holmes went topless in her 2000 movie "The Gift.")

We love the oceanfront vibe of the ads, which are apparently only being used promotionally in Israel right now, but we think she looks a little... intense. It's okay, Katie! Don't kill us! We'll buy your jewelry!

Scope out Katie's sexy ads below: