Katt Williams Talks Donald Sterling, Wants To Help Arsenio Hall Buy The Clippers (VIDEO)

As NBA commissioner Adam Silver issued a lifetime ban against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, fans are continuing to offer their opinions about the 80-year-old’s controversial racist remarks.

Last night during an episode of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” comedian Katt Williams chimed in on what he thought was the most essential learning lesson stemming from Sterling’s whirlwind of drama.

“What was more important was to get an inside fly on the wall so people can hear how that mentality actually operates behind closed doors,” Williams admitted to Hall. “Even as a racist, he’s not that racist, remember who he’s having this conversation with. He didn’t run out of the right color, he decided he should diversify.”

In addition to offering his two cents on Sterling, the “Friday After Next” star also gave Hall advice on purchasing the Clippers franchise.

Check out Katt Williams’ comments in the clip above.