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Katy Perry Transformed Into An Old Woman For 'The One That Got Away' Video (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Katy Perry just debuted the music video for "The One That Got Away," in which the pop singer undergoes a serious special effects transformation, turning into an older version of herself with help of makeup and wigs.

In the vid, an elderly Katy reflects on the party-filled life and love of her early days of girlhood. (And looking at how hot the guy in the video is, we don't blame her).

In the beginning of the video, Katy Sr. is seen in a house with her husband in a white dress with matching white hair, wearing a diamond bracelet and sliding a pair of red pumps into her closet. Even her hands have been manicured and make-upped to look aged. The shots are interspersed with scenes of Katy at age 18 hanging out with her boyfriend, who's played by Diego Luna. The pair have all kinds of fun, frolicking at parties and hanging out around the house in a t-shirt as he draws her.

Young Katy has some great outfits too, including a pink party dress that she wears with a bouffant at a party with the boyfriend of the past.

Later, Elder Katy puts on some stylish shades and a sleek brown suit and cruises down the highway in a cool car, stepping out into the California sun and looking just as fab as a grandmother.

Watch the video below, and check out some screenshots of Katy in old-woman makeup.