Kelly Rowland on Watches, Lashes and Her Pregnancy Style

Former Destiny's Child member and current expectant mother Kelly Rowland unveiled her new Kelly Rowland Canteen Bracelet Special Edition watch by TW Steel on September 4.
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Former Destiny's Child member and current expectant mother Kelly Rowland unveiled her new Kelly Rowland Canteen Bracelet Special Edition watch by TW Steel on September 4.

The black steel watch, valued at $650, follows a previous collection by Rowland which included rose gold plated steel faces with sapphire crystals, one with a pink leather straps and another with blue. Both retailed at $995.

Rowland, who with husband Tim Witherspoon, are expecting a baby boy this fall, sat down with Zorianna Kit to talk about the watches, her pregnancy and gave an update on what's going on with her music, film and fashion careers.

Zorianna Kit: People wear watches for functional purposes, others for style purposes? What's yours?

Kelly Rowland: For me I love the style. The pink watch, for example, is a nice pop of color and a statement piece. But they serve as both. There are people who are obsessed with their watches. My husband is one of those people. Some men are watch connoisseurs.

Kit: Were you familiar with TW Steel before you became a spokesperson?

Rowland: I love big-faced watches so one day I took my best friend's TW Steel watch and wore it. The next thing I knew we were being introduced to the TW Steel family.

The Kelly Rowland Canteen Bracelet Special Edition watch by TW Steel

Kit: Are you already getting other ideas for future designs?

Rowland: Yes, I want to make him (points to pregnant belly) a baby version of TW Steel. I'm actually bothering them about that now!

Kit: He's not even born yet, but already he's influencing you! What other ways are you being inspired by him?

Rowland: In shopping for my baby boy, I'm noticing the girl section has way more stuff than boys. So down the road, I'll be definitely designing some really cool stuff for little guys.

Kit: Anything for yourself?

Rowland: I love lashes, so I'm in the process of starting a make-up line, beginning with lashes. When you look at someone, you go straight to their eyes - the window to the soul. Lashes are another moment in beauty that needs to be expressed. My make-up artist and I are putting that forth.

Kit: How has your personal style changed over the years?

Rowland: When you're young you tend to throw something on to be cool or to fit in with a trend, when you should just really wear it for you. Style is something you feel. It's about not allowing something to wear you - you have to wear it. That knowledge comes with age. But I've always been daring when it comes to style. I'm not afraid to try something new.

Kit: This is your first pregnancy. What's your pregnancy style?

Rowland: I like things to be fitted so I haven't strayed away from that. I like my fitted dresses with cute boots or heels. I still like to feel sexy. When I'm at home I like to be comfortable so I'll wear a huge muumuu. But as far as dressing up, I want to feel like a woman. There's no better time to feel like a woman than now!

Kit: What's happening on the music front for you these days?

Rowland: It's still in development. I've been in the studio going through all these different songs and styles, and been inspired by different things. I go to art openings and concerts. If I buy on iTunes, I love the fact that there is a little blue diagram to say, if you like this you'll love this. It's about turning myself on to something new.

Kit: You've worked on numerous reality shows including The X-Factor U.K. and U.S. What was your motivation for getting involved?

It was about mentorship and getting back to the beginning. Sometimes you have this moment to where you're like, what was my beginning like? Then you think about all that knowledge that you've accumulated over the years. So it's about sharing a personal story with a contestant, or being inspired in that moment by them or being a support system. These people have dreams. If you can be a part in nurturing that and hopefully making it come to life, that's a gift.

Kit: Did you find the talent pool different in different parts of the world?

Other than having an accent, they were all hungry. They all had a dream. They all wanted to be stars. They all had to figure out I they wanted to be famous or if they wanted to leave an impression with their talent.

Kelly Rowland on the red carpet for her TW Steel watch launch

Kit: Having seen close women friends in your circle having kids and being changed by motherhood, are you excited to see what it will be like for you?

I'm really, really excited to see that. I've watched the way they've all changed as a family, as women and how with the baby there is this shift mentally that happens. I can't wait for that.

Kit: Are there projects you are setting up to do further down the line once you have the baby and settle in to a new routine of motherhood?

Rowland: There's an acting role that I'm eying right now. I can't say what it is because I'd rather not jinx it. But I really want this one specific role. It has my name all over it. I just have to pop this baby right out and get prepared for it in order for it to come to life. (laughs)

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