Kendall Jenner's Giant Nose Ring Is So Coachella It Hurts

Dear Kendall, You're Going To Regret This Look

It was a weekend full of attempting to pull off new styles that Kendall Jenner probably shouldn't try again.

Yes, we're talking about her time at Coachella -- aka where fashion sense goes to die and is buried with a Bindi and a fringe bikini top. The three-day long music festival had the 18-year-old model wearing the shortest of short shorts all weekend long, but it was the enormous nose ring she wore on Sunday, April 13, that caught our, and likely everyone else's attention. The large hoop in her right nostril, which was most likely a clip-on, took up approximately a quarter of Jenner's face and featured a chain that connected to her right earlobe. Yeah, this isn't a good look.

kendall jenner nose ring

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