Key to Landing More Keynotes and Conference Gigs? Author a Book!

Key to Landing More Keynotes and Conference Gigs? Author a Book!
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Positioning yourself as a go-to leader in your field of expertise is a must if your goal is to become a sought-after speaker. And there’s no better way to achieve this than to publish a book.

A book is an essential ingredient on your speaking resume, perhaps the most essential. This is because many event planners and program directors refuse to even consider speakers who lack this credential. There may be exceptions to this rule but the bias is definitely in the direction of speakers who can also call themselves “author.”

Fred Green, Chairman of the CEO Club of Boston, prefers that speakers for his bimonthly programs be published authors. He explains: “A book shows you have credibility. Plus I can understand very quickly a speaker’s message if they have a book for me to review. A book helps me make a better decision whether or not a speaker is the right fit for my membership audience.”

Though Fred occasionally does bring in a speaker who is not an author, he only does so if he feels that speaker’s expertise will be especially relevant to his CEO Club members. In such a case, topic beats book credential. But with so many speaker-authors out there at any given time, Fred’s available slots for non-author experts tend to be few and far between.

Another advantage enjoyed by authors concerns the fierce competitiveness for the highest-end speaking opportunities, such as national conferences and keynotes. A quick scan of any given year’s crop of keynoters reveals the preponderance of authors-as-speakers because without a book on your CV your speaker proposal may be tossed out on the first look. Though you may be offered the consolation prize of a panel or breakout, reaching the topmost position at a major conference could be termed a veritable pipe dream.

Finally, your own book also provides a focal point for building a fan base that spreads the good word about you as an expert and speaker. Your book makes you known and admired even by those who may never otherwise have heard of you. Such intimate followers may one day find themselves in a position to propose you for a significant speaking engagement, something they might not have done had they not come across — and perhaps even read! -- your book.

A book by you thus promotes your “magic” ... plus keeps your magic alive!

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