Kia 'Kharma' Stevens' Baby Dies Before Birth: WWE Wrestler Reveals Tragedy

WWE Wrestler Reveals Tragedy

WWE star Kia "Kharma" Stevens recently made a shocking and tragic admission, revealing to TMZ that she had initially lied about the birth of her baby. Despite previously having claimed to have given birth on December 31, 2011, Stevens informed TMZ that the unborn child did not actually survive the birth.

Stevens had announced her pregnancy back in May 2011 during a live broadcast of WWE's Raw. Per TMZ, Stevens initially lied to her friends because she was afraid to tell the public the truth.

She took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to thank her fans for their support.

In January, "Kharma" made a surprise appearance at Royal Rumble 2012 and became the third woman to ever enter and compete in the match. According to TMZ, there was speculation then that she was pregnant at the time. Stevens addressed this speculation by going public with the falsehood about the Dec. 31 delivery of her son.

Ever since the most recent TMZ story was published on Wednesday, fans have been tweeting their support. On Feb. 25, Stevens had tweeted that she was working toward her return to the ring.

WATCH: Kharma Stevens Makes WWE Debut

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