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Cutest Cat Video Ever? Little Kid Desperately Wants Kitten To Be YouTube Famous

Kids generally rise to YouTube stardom because of what they do on-screen. But now, it's one child's outstanding narration behind the camera that's making this video go viral.

The young "filmmaker," who YouTube user Angrybirdreyes identifies as Chris, spends 46 seconds fawning over a seemingly-abandoned kitten.

"Look at how cute this is. Look at, how cute..." Chris says with his adorable little kid lisp before exclaiming, "This cat is going to be on YouTube!" And, if his goal is to make a viral video, he chose the perfect subject. Even though the kitty (who is indeed, very cute) crouches quietly in a corner the whole time, cats do rule the Internet.

While there is no word on whether the "totally beautiful" kitten belongs to Chris or his family, he clearly has a vested interest in turning the cat into a star. He even tells users how he thinks they should search to find his video. "If you guys want to watch this, type in... 'Chris is looking at a cat'" (not the actual title of the video, but he gets points for trying).