Kinky Competitor To AirBNB Lets Travelers Rent Out Dungeons

Website Lets Kinksters Rent A Dungeon On Vacation

AirBNB can get you a cheap deal on a room, but it's a lousy place to find a sex dungeon.

So says Darren McKeeman, the San Francisco-based co-founder of KinkBNB, a "sex positive" alternative to AirBNB set to start business on May 1.

"The business was inspired after a friend of mine had a listing incident with AirBNB," McKeeman told The Huffington Post. "They rejected her place because there were sex toys visible in the photos."


McKeeman immediately realized he could beat AirBNB at their own game by offering kinksters a way to find kink-friendly accommodations in vacation hotspots.

For instance, one listing for a "Kinky West Coast Getaway" on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, promises a fully-stocked seaside cabin, including a custom spanking bench, a St.Andrew's Cross, a naughty sex swing and a professional massage table.

Another listing for a dungeon in Los Angeles says guests can enjoy an orgy-friendly play space with a kitchen and dungeon, but no air conditioner.

McKeeman expects the concept to be a hit, mainly because it makes it easier for kinksters to enjoy their BDSM lifestyle without the hassle that comes trying to take whips, chains or sex toys through TSA.

"People don't have to bring their toys on vacation now," McKeeman said. "That said, we don't want these facilities to be used for anything illegal, like prostitution."

McKeeman set up the website in just a few hours and had a kinky pal look at it.

"She shared it with some friends and 100 people signed up," he said. "However, getting listings is the big challenge. We have 12 homes and dungeons now, and will always need more."


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