Knee brace - The best way to relief your pain or prevent painful injuries

You may say that our legs and especially our knees are the most strenuous organ, since they carry all the weight of our bodies.

Therefore, it only makes sense that the knee is very sensitive and most vulnerable area, so it is highly recommended to take it seriously and provide it with the best protection.

We have heard quite a few cases of football players who have lost an entire career because of a knee injury. So right, most of us are not professional soccer players who have a much higher chance of knee injury, but many of us engage in all kinds of sports on our day life, and you must be agree with me that we all probably don't wish ourselves to suffer from knee pains. So yes, we all should protect our knees during strenuous exercise.

So what is the best way to do it?

First, let's try to understand the anatomical structure of the knee:

While we are walking, dancing, running or doing any other sport activity, the knee performs repetitive movements, some of which are performed in positions that are not recommended by doctors and may cause injury or knee pain.

The meniscus function is to protect the surface of the bones and allow them to slide easily over one another, and also serves as a shock absorber. It is eroded as a result of over-exertion or erratic movement. When we run for example, a lot of pressure is exerted on the meniscus.

The ligaments function is to stabilize and hold the joint in place. An incorrect step or direct injury to ligaments can cause a rupture.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by using knee braces with stretch straps and open patella.

This kind of braces has been found to be very effective in maintaining, supporting and protecting the knee during sports or knee rehabilitation during recovery from injury.

The reasons for this are numerous:

A). Stretching straps allow maximum adjustment to your knee and full control over the amount of pressure exerted on your knee. While most of the knee supports that exist today in the market are sliding from the knee and moving all the time, this type will ensure you the protection that stays put.

B). Anatomical open patella knee design increases airflow and keeps the patella in place.

C). Thick and soft padding around the patella center prevents or reduces injury during strong and direct hit

D).The pressure exerted on the knee by the straps stabilizes it and prevents sharp and dangerous movements that may cause a rupture in the ligament.

We also recommend that the material from which the brace is made off will be neoprene combined with silicone since the silicon is an anti-sweat and anti-slip material.

In Amazon you could find all these kinds of braces.

Here is a link to high quality one that meets all requirements we liked most, fair price which even includes bonus wrist warp.

Do yourself a favor, don't forget to keep your knees!

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