L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's Embrace of Harvey Weinstein's Dirty Money....and Even Darker Cash.

As the entertainment and political walls collapse on famed movie producer #HarveyWeinstein, a $1,300 campaign donation he made to #LosAngelesMayor #EricGarcetti surfaced on Garcetti’s campaign finance page of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission.

Garcetti’s people, so far, have not responded to whether he would immediately donate those funds to a woman’s shelter. A petition to encourage him to do so can be found here.

Silence is Garcetti’s generic response when confronted with curious donations from the dark side. As Los Angeles writer #JasmyneCannick recently shared, Garcetti (and a wealth of other Los Angeles politicians) accepted enormous sums of money from #EdBuck, a Democratic bundler in whose bed a young, black, male prostitute recently died from an overdose.

Garcetti is coy about his desire to run for #POTUS. That story, here.

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