Elevator Fees? 'Landlord' Note Gets A Rise Out Of Tenants, Internet (UPDATED)

It's not every day you have to pay for an everyday amenity.

We thought our "common fee" charges were bad, but they pale in comparison to the following landlord note one Redditor purportedly found on their building's elevator:

Yes, that appears to be a note from the landlord informing tenants that they'll have to pay to use the elevator. Nice to know that the stairs are still free. Also nice to know? It's just a joke.

A representative from the apartment building called to tell us that this sign was a prank pulled by a resident and they have never charged to use the elevator. The Redditor also posted an update to that effect.

While funny in retrospect, some of us have had rough landlord moments -- enough to be concerned it was a real note. Some commenters brought up the Americans With Disabilities Act, which requires elevator accessibility. Redditor danceswithbunnies, who is a property manager, had this to say:

Not sure where you are located, but most states/provinces have regulations regarding a Landlord's ability to withdraw services that were previously available to Tenants. In most cases, they pretty much can't.

Has a landlord ever tried to charge you to use a previously free amenity/building feature/etc.? Or has a resident ever pulled an all-too-believable sign prank on you? Let us know in the comments.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated with a response from the building's management. An earlier version indicated we had reached out to them (and the Redditor) but initially didn't get a reply. We're glad somebody was just pressing our buttons.

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