Legal Professionals Find Serious Success with Content Marketing

Businesses everywhere are benefiting from including content marketing in their approach to attracting new customers, and the legal profession is leading the charge.

As more users seek answers to their questions through online search than ever before, those who can help answer those questions are reaping the benefits of a real connection with potential customers.

According to Attorney Marketing Expert Qamar Zaman, "The key to attracting new clients is establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. By using content to provide readers useful answers to their legal questions, businesses endear themselves to their customers and establish credibility and success."
Coppyblogger echoes Zaman's sentiment, identifying three types of useful content companies can provide readers: education, entertainment, and inspiration. Which kind legal professionals can capitalize on is obvious.

The law is complicated, and many people have difficulty understanding the intricacies as it relates to their problems. And moreover, legal problems aren't the kind that someone is going to forget about - most of the times an answer must be found.

Any lawyer that can produce clear, understandable content that explains important legal concepts in layman's terms will be a hero to a frantic searcher. Readers will bookmark your website, remember your firm's name, and even subscribe to your email newsletter - the key micro conversions that eventually result in a new client.

The legal professional can also use content marketing to dominate search engines. Everyone searches for answers to their questions these days, but users are especially likely to use a search engine for basic legal questions.

Google's new answer box signals a shift to the search engine trying to serve users who are attempting to answer a simple question. For legal questions, the website that provides the best answer (in Google's opinion anyway) gains the top spot. Isn't that worth pursuing?

Finally, the legal profession is one that heavily emphasizes credibility, authority, and reputation. There are many ways to cultivate these attributes, and one of them is through high-quality, expert content that readers find useful.

The more often a reader visits your website as their go-to resource for simple legal questions, the more likely they are to think of your firm when they run into a problem that's way too complicated to solve through online research.

"Not everyone is always going to have a legal problem that they need your services for," says Zaman. "The key is to be such a consistent producer of content that you're always relatively close to the front of the customer's mind - once they have a problem, they'll think of you first."
In fact, if you're smart and skillful, your content can be used to nudge those who probably should call your firm do so.

With proper planning and analysis, content can provide an enormous return on investment compared to other forms of advertising such as print of television. Content marketing can be tailored to very specific audiences and distributed only where the most likely prospective clients hang out.

In short, if you haven't been considering adding content marketing to your business strategy, experts agree - you should take a serious look.