'Life After Top Chef' To Premiere October 3 (VIDEO)

Haven't gotten your "Top Chef" fill between the original series, "Top Chef Masters," "Top Chef All-Stars," "Top Chef Just Desserts" and the upcoming "Top Chef" cruise? Bravo has come up with yet another way to milk its successful-yet-tired franchise. "Life After Top Chef," premiering October 3, follows former contestants around their non-TV lives.

Not surprisingly, the former contestants are ones that have been in the spotlight quite a bit since their original "Top Chef" appearances: Richard Blais, Fabio Viviani, Spike Mendelsohn and Jennifer Carroll. Bravo's blog "The Dish" ensures viewers that you'll "be exposed to is the other side of a chef's life -- the family time, the drama and time that goes into opening a restaurant."

We've got to admit -- the preview looks intriguing.


[via Eater]