Life Lessons from That One Leg Monster

KC Mitchell, a.k.a. "That One Leg Monster"
KC Mitchell, a.k.a. "That One Leg Monster"
Most men will likely never be able to deadlift over 500 pounds. And, even more likely, none will accomplish this feat on one leg. Enter "That One Leg Monster," KC Mitchell, a US Army veteran who lost most of his left leg when his vehicle was hit by an IED in Afghanistan in 2010, and who has now lifted weights that would crush most men -- on just one leg.
KC, or as he is known in his wildly successful online social media presence, "That One Leg Monster," not only recovered from a debilitating war injury, but persevered and became an inspiration to the world. KC now competes in powerlifting, and accomplishes more on one leg than most men will ever do on two. KC's road from injury to rehabilitation to (overwhelmingly) overcoming life's obstacles, both literal and figurative, has not only left him with outer strength, but an even greater inner strength that he believes anyone can benefit from.
KC's Life Lessons
KC's two biggest life lessons each have their own mantra: "Mind Game Strong" and "Overcome."
Mind Game Strong. KC believes he can probably thank his military training for this one, as his army training taught him to adapt and react -- regardless of the situation. The highest threshold moment for this strategy probably occurred when his vehicle was hit with that life-changing IED. While everyone on his vehicle was knocked unconscious, including KC, he was the first to regain consciousness and immediately began barking orders to his men to evacuate. Even though his leg had been virtually "liquified," as KC puts it, he just "adapted and reacted."
When life throws you curveballs, KC doesn't believe there is time for over-analysis; you take the hand you've been dealt and immediately start playing it. There isn't time -- and it's not worth the energy -- to start wishing for alternate scenarios. The best thing you can do is "own the situation." Immediately accept that what's happened has happened and, just as quickly, take the next best available step as your course of action.
Overcome. KC reminisces that, when in Afghanistan, he had to hike many mountains wearing an 80-pound-plus bag. These hikes, according to KC, "sucked," to put it bluntly -- but he learned that "the beauty is at the top, not at the bottom." 
"We all have obstacles," expounds KC, and we can't necessarily enjoy the process of getting to the reward. We're often fed maxims like "Enjoy the process" when we embark on a difficult endeavor, however this isn't something that is always an option. (Who in the world would enjoy hiking up a mountain with 80 pounds on his back, with a fierce Afghani sun bearing down on him!?)
KC urges others to understand that it isn't always necessarily about enjoying the process during a mission or life circumstance, but rather remembering during the process that there will be "beauty at the top." When KC turns to his "Overcome" mantra it is a reminder to him to simply keep going until he gets to the top. 
From someone who was literally stopped from moving, KC's overarching message is clear: keep moving...even if it's only on one leg.
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