What We Want To See In 'Looking' Season 2

Tonight, March 9, is the first season finale of HBO's "Looking." The series about gay men in modern-day San Francisco has already been renewed for a second season, so here are some things we would like to see next season:

tv show gifs

More San Francisco
The city plays a major part in the series, and even only after one season "Looking" is already one of the best depictions of San Francisco in TV history.
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More Digital Dating Woes
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Less Agustin
By far the most annoying. His character is the definition of a fixer-upper.
looking augustin

More Scott Bakula
If only all of us could age this well.
tv show gifs

More Doris
Because she's the best.
tv show gifs tv show gifs

More Life Advice
Simple words of wisdom we could all use more of.
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More Of Dom's Mustache
It. Is. Epic.
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More Kissing
The on-screen chemistry is electric.
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More Great Music
Just listen to this playlist.

More Fitness Classes
Dom loves him some Zumba.
tv show gifs

A Return to the Folsom Street Fair
Another reason for Jonathan Groff to break out this leather vest!
tv show gifs

More Of This Friendship
It's nice to see friends who are always there for one another like Patrick, Dom and Augustin are.
tv show gifs

The "Looking" season finale airs March 9 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

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