Lorca Earthquake: Pictures and Video Of Spain's Deadly Quake (VIDEO)

Residents of the small Spanish city of Lorca continued today to recover from Wednesday's two successive earthquakes that killed nine and injured more than 250.

Lorca was transformed into a ghost town, with a steady stream of cars carrying many of its 90,000 residents to nearby cities and towns to stay with relatives. Stores, restaurants, and schools were closed as the sirens of police vehicles and ambulances filled the air and helicopters hovered overhead.

The two tremors measured 4.5 and 5.1, respectively, and the second quake struck about an hour and a half after the first. The earthquakes are the region's deadliest in more than fifty years.

The video below, from Spanish state TV, shows some of the destruction from the earthquakes, including debris from a church falling and narrowly missing a reporter.