Massachusetts Local Justin Clancy drops new single "Work In Progress"

Need a pick me up to push you through finals? Justin Clancy, a well known artist local to the Boston area, just dropped a feel good song titled “Work In Progress” that is garnering a lot of online buzz.

Clancy is a recovering addict whose love and passion for making music saved his life. “Work In Progress” is here to remind everyone that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and its alright to grow at your own pace. Listening to the song, it obviously tells a very personal story of Justin’s life and struggle, and speaks only of his own resilience. While Clancy’s YouTube page has been increasing slowly, his Facebook page is blowing up, with over 30,000 views on this new music video in the span of only a few days. He also performed a sold out show alongside Token at Brighton Music Hall this past Saturday.

If you’d like to check out Justin Clancy and his new song “Work In Progress”, you can find his music here:

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