Matt Judkin Interviewed By The Hiring Guru

Solar panels and wind turbine against blue sky
Solar panels and wind turbine against blue sky

Las Vegas, NV - What's cool about Matt Judkin is the passion with which he approaches his business. As President of Executive Energy Management, Matt has an entrepreneurial and patriotic purpose to create jobs, stable jobs, veteran jobs, American jobs.

The eight independent brands under Executive Energy Management all serve and support utilities and retail energy suppliers. With nearly 20 years of experience in the energy industry, Matt is dedicated to creating consumer access to better energy products, better utility service, promoting energy efficiency and expanding solar energy use.

Matt rattles off statements like, "we need to get real energy choice in play with Community Choice Aggregation," which may not sound cool, but it's what his success is all about..


"With Community Choice, Aggregation in California, more and more people are realizing that going green is not just about global warming, it's about choice. Green jobs, clean air.It's not just one thing. It's even about saving money!"

And is his enthusiasm contrived?

"Nope," Matt said. "A client said to me once 'I thought you were just acting out the part, and that you were not really so high-energy or passionate. But then I see you with staff and others and I realize you are truly just that passionate.' It's,not an act."

Who the heck are you Matt?

"Just a guy, father, husband, who found two incredible business partners, who doesn't see my business ventures as all about money or myself. I am very passionate that everybody on our team wins, advances personally and shares in our victories."

When I spoke with Matt, I found the same passion and the message was clear, he wants to help; actually loves to help.

EnergyCare, which provides customer care services to the energy industry, started three years ago with just two customer service representatives. Through hard work, an ethical approach, dedication and caring for clients, the company has reached 120 employees and is still growing.

What is your business all about?

"Creating a stable, best-in-class energy service, a call center that creates jobs and helps consumers understand energy while we encourage utilities and customers to go green!

"Utilities often take their customer relationships for granted and forget the importance of first-class service in a competitive world. I started EnergyCare four years ago to fill a critical need in the energy industry. Energy suppliers are often extremely focused on the front end -- the acquisition of customers and the growth of their base -- but pay very little attention to caring for a customer once they're on board."

"EnergyCare represents our clients' brands with a live, courteous and professional voice at all hours. Energy is all we do, and we know how to do it. We're determined to make every call from customers a positive experience."

To what degree do you keep your finger on the pulse of hiring for your venture? 

"We have competent general managers and HR teams that do the screening and hiring through our time-tested processes. We particularly hire agents that have a personal feeling or care for the environment, renewable energy and the future of our planet.It's very important, as we are dedicated the growth of the renewable energy sector. We must hire people that are smart, caring and want renewable energy to work for all Americans."

Do you have any hard-fast rules that are followed in your own selection of team members? 

"Well, we are hiring, which is more than a lot of companies can say right now. We're proud to be creating jobs here in the U.S., and helping our country to catchon to renewable energy

"We are open to all job seekers. We have no preconceived ideas on anyone. We want those who can communicate and are willing to work hard. Obviously, we believe in renewable energy and want our country to move to a more renewable energy for so many reasons."

Sounds like the growth isn't going to slow down for Matt and his expanding ventures. Keep a "green" eye on them.