Maxwell Drew Johnson Photos: Will Jessica Simpson Sell Baby's First Pics?

Will Jessica Sell Baby's First Pics?

Although Jessica Simpson's baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, was in no rush to enter the world, the media race to get her first photos is well underway.

“Photo agencies and magazines have been courting Jessica’s manager and father, Joe Simpson, for months to lock down the exclusive rights to take the first images of the baby,” one magazine insider tells me. “Ultimately, it will come down to who offers the most money, but it will also be taken into account that the Simpsons have had long relationships with all the weekly magazines, some great and some very bad.”

In March, Jessica divulged the sex of her baby when she posed nude on the cover of ELLE magazine, making some media insiders wonder if she will take the same route with her little girl's first photos. In 2006, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes debuted Suri, for no fee, on the cover of a Vanity Fair, rather than selling the images to a weekly.

“It’s not like Jessica needs the money," another insider tells me. "Her clothing business has made her a fortune. The $100,000 - $500,000 that she could make from selling pictures doesn’t mean that much to her. Instead, she might be better off going with a high-end photographer that magazines like Vanity Fair and Elle use to create an image that, in the long run, would be worth whatever amount a weekly is offering.”

Whatever Jessica decides to do, we can’t wait to see baby Max!

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