8 Mediterranean Blue Rooms That Prove It's The Only Color Worth Knowing Right Now

Look out navy, there's a new shade of blue in town. Or, should we say, a new favorite shade of blue in town.

It's the same blue that reminds us of the sea it's named after; the one that gives those colorful Greek Isle homes their charm; and the "rich and fabulous" color designer Sara Story told House Beautiful we'll be seeing in rooms everywhere come 2015. We think she's right.

But before you go stock up on all the Mediterranean blue paint you can find, take a look at even more inspired ideas for using it...

Mediterranean blue packs a bold punch when painted as stripes.

It's a better backdrop for displaying blue accents than white.

A more teal-infused variation gives off a retro vibe.

Want to make white furnishings really stand out? This is the color to go with.

This shade of blue works equally well on walls and furnishings alike.

Think of it as a new kind of neutral... like our old friend navy.

Like other jewel tones, it's a warm way to welcome guests.

Not ready to commit to paint? A piece of art in the same hue works just as well.

And for more inspiring rooms of all colors, visit our friends at Domino.

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