Megan Rivers, Mom, Gives Birth On SEPTA Train, Walks Onto Track With Attached Umbilical Cord (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mom Gives Birth On Train, Walks Onto Track With Attached Umbilical Cord

Megan Rivers got the surprise of her life when she delivered a baby boy on the SEPTA train on Tuesday. She was approaching the Olney Station in Philadelphia when all of the sudden, "the baby just came out on his own," Police Officer Loyd Rodgers told

Rivers exited the train, walked up the stairs (with the umbilical cord still intact) and found Officer Rodgers. "This is my baby, I just had a baby," she said to him, Rodgers recounted on CBS local. The officer, a father himself, wrapped Rivers' baby boy in a blanket and called the medics.

Though many women might have been panicked in such a situation, Rodgers said the new mom was thrilled. "The joy that she had on her face, I'll never be able to explain it in 1000 years," he told CBS. Train riders gathered around and stopped to congratulate Rivers.

A SEPTA spokeswoman told news outlets that mom and baby were taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center and are doing fine.

The new baby was probably the youngest rider on the train that day, but reports that he wasn't the first newborn to be delivered onboard Philly public transportation. In 1990, a baby boy was born in the back seat of a SEPTA bus.

And though Rivers' birth story is certainly unusual, a train isn't the most bizarre place to have a baby. Click through the slideshow below to see the ten more.

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