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10 Surprisingly Stylish Reasons To Upgrade From Paper Plates To Melamine Dinnerware (PHOTOS)

Obviously, warmer weather means it's time to move the party outside. While few of us would bring our best dishes and glasses out to the patio, not every occasion seems right for disposable plates and red party cups. (Which can also seem wasteful, for those who frequently entertain.) Thankfully, melamine has created another option.

More affordable and durable than most ceramic dinnerware, but sturdier and more stylish than the paper option, a new generation of plastic dishware has finally emerged. And it's more fabulous than we could have hoped. Need proof? Look no further.

Editor's note: In response to questions about melamine migrating from dish to food, the FDA has thoroughly tested melamine dishes and found them safe. However, they discourage using melamine (or any other dishes NOT marked microwave-safe) in the microwave.

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