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Men Get Their Butts, Backs And Testicles Waxed For The First Time

"That's a heat I've never felt there."

This is what it looks like to get your testicles waxed for the first time in your life:

It's not a face of comfort. For, a viral content studio based in Ireland, three guys volunteered their backsides (and a very delicate area near their front sides) to see what it felt like to get everything waxed. They didn't take it well:

"My butt just made a new friend."

"I feel like I'm about to give birth."

"I feel a lot light-headed."

"Am I bleeding?"

The unamused aesthetician held them down and completed the mission, but it's safe to say these lads probably won't be back. Watch the video below, and you'll have a whole new level of respect for anyone who gets this done regularly. (Or maybe you'll just think they're crazy.)

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