13 Things Every Man Should Buy Now That Will Make His Life Better In 20 Years

Many of the men we know shop for clothes like they shop for groceries: Buy what you need now, then wait to go shopping again until you've entirely run out. Repeat every few weeks.

But men, like women, can benefit from what fashion magazines love to call "investment pieces," clothing items that you can wear repeatedly that will still hold up, both physically and style-wise, for years to come. Women count expensive leather handbags and diamonds among their investment pieces -- but what kind of stuff should guys invest in that they'll still love in 20 years?

Here, the 13 items men should buy now and keep forever.

A navy blazer
You may not be a suit guy, but a navy blazer is always a useful closet addition. Wear it with gray pants as a suit alternative, or try it with jeans for the casual look. Just be sure to take care of it -- since it will never go out of style, you want it to hold up.


Brown leather loafers
The soles may wear down, but that can be remedied by a quick trip to the cobbler. What won't change is the style: Loafers aren't trendy so much as they're classics, mainstays in every generation.


Silver or gold cuff links
Most men don't wear tons of jewelry, but cuff links are one bauble a gentleman should own. You'll likely only wear them on more formal occasions, and that's OK -- it's nice to have items that feel special each time you take them out of the box.

A leather briefcase or bag
Duffle bags and backpacks get knocked around, plus certain trends (prints, neon) will make them go in and out of style. But a quality leather bag you carry to and from work will hopefully stay in good condition, not to mention impress colleagues for years to come.

Black cap toe oxfords
These formal shoes transcend trends and class up any suit. Get them resoled and they should last a lifetime.

black oxfords

Brown leather belt
You're going to need it again and again... and again... and again. Invest in a high-quality waist cincher and your pants will have a partner for life.


A white pocket square
They were in style in the beginning of the 20th century, and they made a strong, GQ-endorsed comeback at the end of it. A pocket square -- just a crisp hint of white fabric peeking out from your breast pocket -- is a safe investment in your sartorial future.

pocket squares

A quality tie
It doesn't need to be a solid color or classic navy stripes. Find a tie that speaks to your own personal style, whether that's a loud plaid or two-toned check or maybe even a knit. Once you've found that lucky tie you love, you'll feel comforted coming back to it year after year.

more ties

Nice sunglasses
From rock stars to politicians, everyone looks cool in sunglasses. And, miraculously, the casual accessory can be worn with literally any kind of outfit (we actually love the sunglasses-at-weddings look). Invest in a quality pair by a trustworthy brand like Persol, Ray-Ban or Vuarnet -- and for God's sake, keep them in a protective case.


Leather billfold wallet
Nothing with Velco, nothing with a pattern that will go out of style, and nothing with a chunky place for change -- this wallet should be timeless, easily stored in your pocket and utterly grown-up. Now just don't lose it...


A nice watch
Some men favor leather bands, while other guys are into metal links. Just make sure the face isn't too big or too small (the trend these days for mega-faces is just that -- a trend) and stick with neutral colors like black, white or navy.


A real Irish sweater
Pick it up on a trip to Ireland, or take the low-effort route by buying one from a heritage site like Aran. Either way, this chunky knit sweater is built to last and will be the warmest thing in your closet for decades.

irish sweaters

A tuxedo
The first time most guys rent tuxes is prom... and it should be the last. Be a man and invest in a classic, timeless tuxedo that fits you like a glove. Get it tailored, hang it nicely in a garment bag and cherish it lovingly. It will never go out of style.


When in doubt, look to these dudes:

Stylish Male Celebs

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