Mickey Rourke's Hat And Glasses Disguise & Other Great Costumes (PHOTOS)

Mickey Rourke just wanted to eat lunch in peace. Unfortunately, when you're a Golden Globe-winning actor trying to dine al fresco in Hollywood, peace isn't always very easily obtained. Especially when you're wearing what Rourke was wearing.

Presumably, the hat and glasses getup was slapped together to hide his face from photographers. Unfortunately, once the paparazzi realized it was him, it was snapping season. That being said, while we don't like to advocate for paparazzi swarms, the photos they got of Rourke did get us thinking: how did this disguise compare to some of his more recent & ridiculous movie costumes?

We looked back on it, and realized just how many great costumes Rourke has worn over the last two decades. Here's just a sampling -- how do you think they compare?