Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, How Do I Move Forward?

Office portrait of a woman
Office portrait of a woman


Have you begun to feel stuck in your thoughts, or even worse, in reaching your goals? Maybe it's time to face the woman in the mirror. As busy women, we oftentimes live in a state of habit, leaving our inner woman neglected. Barriers enter into our lives for a few reasons -- to protect, to enlighten and to develop us. All of which are means to gain our attention in order for us to evaluate our inner woman.

Barriers which enter into our lives to protect us, come because we are not intently paying attention to our surroundings. Our inner stop signs are often ignored, because our intellectual woman desires the tangible evidence that come with unmovable doubt. We find that doubt when we are unwilling to accept the warning signs in front of us. This unhealthy behavior pushes us into this endless cycle of "ignore and learn to deal with the consequence!"

Barriers which enter into our lives to enlighten us, usually come to us when we are at our lowest point in life, and there is a lesson to learn from the barriers. This lesson will bring that ah-hah moment, meant to bring us into a clear space of understanding for change to come about in our lives.

Barriers which enter into our lives to develop us, are very challenging because they are the barriers that come to remove and replace what is no longer working for our good. This can be the people we love, careers we depend on and even our much needed health. All of which are sent to change our attitudes, and not our circumstances.

Facing the woman in the mirror allows the barriers that enter into our lives to work for our good. Changing our perception for the purpose of these barriers grant us the control needed to conquer our trials. Seeing how these challenges can work to uplift, enlighten and develop us grants us the opportunity to see ourselves with clarity.