Monica Lewinsky Auction: Black Negligee, Clinton Letter Among Items For Sale (PHOTOS)

Items that once belonged to or were gifted by Monica Lewinsky are up for auction, Nate D. Sanders Auctions announced this week.

Among the items in the lot are a floor-length black negligee belonging to the former White House intern, a few boxes of "sealed and slightly crushed boxes of presidential M&Ms" and a letter signed by then-President Bill Clinton. (Lewinsky's infamous semen-stained blue dress is not up for auction.)

According to the auction house, the 32 pieces of memorabilia now on sale had once been submitted as evidence to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr during his investigation of Clinton's dalliances with Lewinsky.

The assortment of goods is said to have been submitted to Starr by Lewinsky's former lover, Andy Bleiler, who had also been sexually involved with Lewinsky.

Laura Yntema, the auction manager, told NBC News that the lot is "expected to nab between $25,000 and $50,000 when bidding concludes Thursday," the outlet writes.

At press time, the Lewinsky lot had a current bid of $2,750.

Monica Lewinsky Clothes, Clinton Letter Up For Auction


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