The Most Popular Quotes From Banned Books Aren't Obscene, They're Beautiful

5 'Obscene' Books That Are Actually Incredibly Beautiful

To call attention to nationwide censorship of popular titles, the American Library Association has organized Banned Books Week. At The Huffington Post, we've used this opportunity to feature voices from frequently challenges communities, and from authors who rank among the most banned.

According to Amazon's Kindle team, the passages below are the most-highlighted words within their respective novels. Each of the titles was on this year's list of the top 10 most banned books nationwide. Some were deemed unsuited for younger audiences, while others were determined sexually explicit or violent. But a quick look at their most-read extracts shows that readers connect not with their explicit content, but with the deeper meanings they contain.

Here are the most-highlighted passages from frequently banned books:

starry sky


bluest eye

flashlight dark

couple silhouette

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