Music Preview: “Magnificent Man” – Great Comedy Rock From Romeo Dance Cheetah

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Photo Credit: Romeo Dance Cheetah

Magnificent Man is the title of the debut album from Romeo Dance Cheetah. It’s slated to drop October 27. Based in Chicago, Romeo Dance Cheetah is the musical project of Matt Cornelison, known for his viral videos, being the U.S. Air Guitar Champion and appearing on The Today Show and America’s Got Talent.

Stylistically, Romeo Dance Cheetah’s sound encompasses comedy rock that’s flamboyantly stylish. Think Weird Al with flair, finesse, originality and glitz and you’ll have an idea of Romeo’s sound.

Magnificent Man contains nine tracks. The title track rides a rock melody with blaring, dirty guitars and a solid groove. A psychedelic solo section reminds me of Led Zeppelin and then segues to a Queen-like bridge. “35 Year Olds Dancing” blends rock with a bit of punk flavor, producing a rapid-fire melody full of strong guitars and radiant vocal harmonies. “Party Poopin” delivers a pop-rock melody with bright guitars and doo-wop harmonies.

“The Air Guitar Song” begins with pulsating guitar chords and Romeo’s distinctive voice, followed by a yowling guitar accent. The melody crunches with boogie rock flavors and luminous background vocal harmonies. “Porcupine Love” offers a rock-a-billy and punk-flavored melody riding thick guitars. Full stops add volatility and pungency.

Photo Credit: Romeo Dance Cheetah

“Gone With The Wind” reflects a deep bluesy essence. The melody rides a Liberace-accented piano full of flair and twinkling colors. The vocals are over-the-top, but in a good way – extravagant and flamboyantly potent – and include a brief scatting verse. “1970s Disco King” travels on a disco-flavored rock melody, featuring hand claps and pulsing guitars.

“Laser Beam Makeup” features a bluesy soul melody, muted background vocal harmonies and spoken word lyrics reminiscent of “Dead Man’s Curve.” The melody segues to singing and an industrial rock melody. “Live The Dream” rides a prog rock melody driven by the piano; the vocals attain a Go-Go’s cadence that’s catchy.

Romeo Dance Cheetah definitely has it going on! The melodies and harmonies are strong, while the lyrics are outrageously overdone and thus hilarious. The vocals, theatrical and unrestrained, are actually quite good. If you’re into the catharsis of letting go and laughing until you cry while rocking out, then Romeo Dance Cheetah is just the ticket. Magnificent Man is excellent comedy rock.

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