Music Review: "Who We (Morsy Remix)" and "Firedance (Morsy Remix)" – Miriam Tamar Offers Up Pulsating Afrohouse Music

Two new videos from fusion vocalist/songwriter Miriam Tamar recently released. Both are Morsy remixes of songs from her latest EP, called Firedance. According to Miriam, "When I originally wrote my EP, I wanted to create a global soundscape, fusing the organic with electronic. With Morsy on the Who We/Firedance remix, I got the opportunity to take the song in a new direction, straight to the dance floor- bringing those infectious groovy afrodeep house vibes! It reminds me of dancing until sunrise in the Ugandan nightclubs, and just feeling totally free."

The Firedance EP debuted in the Top 5 of the iTunes World Music chart, providing a powerful testament to her sound, which merges elements of alt pop, R&B, electronic, dance and world music. Now based in Los Angeles, during her time in Africa, Miriam collaborated with Sabar Percussion, a traditional percussion ensemble, as well as Ugandan hip hop star GNL Zamba.

“Who We (Morsy Remix)” rides an electro-pop melody heaving with Afrodeep house elements. The rhythm combines the pulsing bass of electro-pop with the exotic flavors of Afrodeep, giving the tune an infectious groove. Miriam’s voice packs a deliciously vibrant punch accentuated by ascending background vocal harmonies simmering with effulgent colors.

“Firedance (Morsy Remix) packages muscular Afrodeep rhythm with a resonant electro-pop vibe. The African ambiance of “Firedance” surpasses that of “Who We,” but both surge with energy. A deep bassline thrums potently contrasting against the subdued evolving shushing colors of the synths. Reverberating vocal harmonies drift and glide overhead, suggesting luminous dustings of sonic pigments that add sparkle and depth.

Both tunes discharge an electric, almost palpable impetus that’s intoxicatingly persuasive, demanding that you refocus and induce you to groove to the music, as the melodic themes and pulsating rhythms fuse into an organism with a soul. An oozing, round sensuality flows forth with heavy impact, which, in alliance with Miriam’s sultry, sizzling tones, generates an irresistible allure.

“Who We” and “Firedance” are both lit! Miriam Tamar definitely has it going on. Achingly powerful rhythms and smooth contagious melodies attest to her talent as a songwriter and singer. Don’t miss either “Who We” or “Firedance” as remixed by Morsy.

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