These Guys Secretly Filmed A Music Video In North Korea And Lived To Tell The Tale


Rap duo Pacman and Peso just released a music video for their song, "Escape to North Korea," which, as you've probably guessed, was filmed in a country not known for taking kindly to Americans with cameras. The young rappers hail from Washington D.C. and received the money for the trip through a Kickstarter campaign in September, which was mostly funded by a "41-year-old hedge fund manager" who donated $5,100 to the campaign.

Although the trip became especially risky when the United States made an extra special warning to American tourists entering the country just days before their arrival, Pacman and Peso ended up being able to stay mostly under the radar and keep up the charade of being on a "sightseeing tour." They had to turn down interviews ahead of their trip, including one with with the BBC, to make sure North Korean officials didn't hear of their true plans, but in the end they got out of the country tapes in hand.

The two are now safely home in the United States. Hopefully Dennis Rodman won't hear about it. You can follow them on Twitter @PacmanAndPeso.

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