Proof Nic Cage Is The Rightful Heir Of The Iron Throne On 'Game Of Thrones'

Round up your dragons, pack up your wooden chests and go home. We've finally found the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, the true Protector of the Realm, and he's been in front of us all along: Nicolas Cage.

Oh, you don't believe us, do you? Just take a look at Redditor CarlosDanger100's epic contribution to Westeros: Cage of Thrones. The user Photoshopped images of Cage, the King of the Photoshopped meme, onto the faces of "Game of Thrones"characters. The best part is that CarlosDanger100 managed to capture the perfect Cage expressions for each character -- see Cage's judgmental Cersei eyebrows and the actor's smile channeling the charming innocence of Jon Snow? It's perfect.

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