11 Amazing Things That Happen When You Don't Wear Makeup

Everyone is always talking about the terrible things that happen when you don't wear makeup. Yes, glamming up can be a lot of fun, and we'd never tell you to stop playing with new makeup trends.

But the truth is, going makeup-free every once in a while is not the worst thing in the world. In fact, here are 11 reasons it can actually be pretty amazing.

1. Your pores can breathe. A lot of makeup is filled with chemicals that have a negative impact on skin. Leaving it on will clog up your pores, which causes pimples. Giving your face a day off can help clear away those blemishes. Plus, it just feels cleaner.

2. You don't have to take it off at the end of the night. Which we all know is the worst part of putting makeup on in the first place. Is there anything more annoying than relentlessly wiping at your lashes with makeup remover to no avail? No. There is not.

3. You won't need to ask, "Is my makeup smudgy?" -- you know exactly what you look like all day. There is something pretty liberating about not relying on a mirror for a little while.

4. Impromptu pool parties ain't no thang.

5. You avoid the risk of raccoon eyes morning after an... adult sleepover. No need to sneak out to the bathroom to check, either.

6. You can watch "The Notebook" and pretty much any other Nicholas Sparks movie with ease.

7. You can experience that incredible feeling of rubbing your tired eyes (you know the one) without worrying that your eyeliner is all over your face.

8. You have more time to do important things in the morning, like sleep.

9. Less chance of an eye infection. It's unlikely, but possible that bacteria can grow on your eye makeup, which can cause conjunctivitis, the most dreaded of all eye problems.

10. You receive a compliment and realize that you maybe you do look pretty darn good sans makeup after all.

11. Absolutely nothing. Your world is not going to collapse. Everyone is still going to recognize you. And life will go on.

Even celebs go au naturel sometimes:

No Makeup, Still Gorgeous!

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