'No Muslim Parking' Signs Prompt Outrage At Westview Shopping Center In Texas

Signs posted at a Houston, Texas, shopping center earlier this week that called for "No Muslim parking" shocked worshippers on their way to services at a nearby mosque. Though the signs were taken down within hours of appearing -- during Ramadan, no less-- it's still unclear who put them up in the first place, KPRC-TV in Houston is reporting.

The signs at the Westview Shopping Center in the Spring Branch district were reportedly in close proximity to the El Farouq Mosque. Shopping mall employees told the news outlet that there had been a problem with worshipers parking in the mall's lot.

Those employees went on to point the finger at the mall's owner, Steve Kwon, but Kwon denied any responsibility for the signs. After being approached by the camera crews, he did however promptly start taking them down.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said the shopping center was in Spring Branch, Texas, when in fact it is located in the Spring Branch district of Houston, Texas.

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