This Shop Wants You To Fall In Love With 'Nerdtella' Coffee -- That's Nutella And Nerds

Coffee purists will be scandalized.

Born out of a Sydney coffee shop with an obvious sugar addiction, we present you "The Nerdtella bomb."

This bizarre new food mashup sounds kind of horrible -- but it has us shamelessly intrigued.

Starting July 1, Piccolo Me will serve up a solid mixture of Nutella and Nerds on a stick alongside its lattes. Patrons will be instructed to drop the sugary stick into their drink, wait a minute to allow the chocolate-hazelnut-and-artificially-flavored-fruity-candy mixture to liquify, stir it a bit for good measure and fearlessly take a swig.

Coffee purists will be scandalized, probably, as culinary adventurists rejoice in another iteration of lowbrow food mingling with the highbrow. It's also worth noting that Piccolo Me has been bottling plain ol' Nutella iced coffee for a while -- which, to be fair, doesn't sound so different from an iced mocha or a Frappuccino.

We're not sure what prompted them to take it to the next level. But we commend their strange efforts.

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