Ohio State Strength Coach Body Slams Fan Who Runs On Field

Ohio State Coach Body Slams Fan Who Ran On Field

One of the risks of running onto the field during a football game is that there are plenty of tough people around who are experienced at tackling.

Ohio State strength coach Anthony Schlegel is one of those people.

Watch below as Schlegel, a former Buckeyes linebacker, takes down a fan who interrupted the first half of Saturday's game between Ohio State and Cincinnati at Ohio Stadium.

"A record crowd of 108,362 roared its approval," Associated Press noted, adding that Buckeye players and staff also congratulated the coach on the sideline.

It's a lesson that sports-event interlopers keep having to learn: Run on the field, pay the price. A female streaker at a recent New Zealand rugby match also got hit hard -- and didn't have any clothes between her and the ground.

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