Paul Armstrong, Photographer, Gets Really Big, Super Small In AMAZING Selfie Project

This Man's Selfies As A Giant And An Action Figure Are Spectacular

Talk about a big idea.

Photographer Paul Armstrong of Ohio took on two projects called "Big Me" and "Little Me" to show himself in every-day positions, both as an extremely large man, then tiny little guy. The photos immediately went viral.

From gentle giant to action figure, check out these crazy photos below.

He's Gonna Need A Bigger House
Paul Armstrong
"I had taken a picture of our house and thought since it looked so much like a doll house, that I might as well be sitting on it. Its not quite perfect, but it was fun to do one last one."
Thinkin Big Thoughts
Paul Armstrong
"Lately life has felt overwhelming. Caving in on me. In an effort to rekindle some creativity I've tried to pay homage to Nick Koudis (though not supremely successfully) as well as visually depict my mood."
Napping Is Hard
Paul Armstrong
"Someone said that the 'Big Me' ought to be a series, I thought that was a good idea (and a good challenge). If nothing else than to prove that I really am just this big (or not)."
Shower Steam
Paul Armstrong
"And no, I'm not in my 'all together' (I have a swimsuit on, its just disguised in steam). I'm not sure how much bigger I'd have to make myself to make it overtly obvious that I'm over-sized. I think I like that you have to look for a bit to figure it out. This involved a bit of trickery ... and then some."
A Bit Cramped
Paul Armstrong
It took Sonya a few seconds to notice something different with this one ("Cute ... wait ... why are you huge!?").
In The Mirror
Paul Armstrong
"Finding situations to accentuate the shift of perspective and depth is tough, without it being overtly obvious or contrived. I guess my thinking is that every day situations with a twist make the mundane more interesting, and give you something to search for; whereas a giant me ripping a tree from the ground and heaving it over my head is just a bit over the top. I'm still searching for those settings, to make for the perfect mix of ordinary and extraordinary, we'll see if I get there."
Morning Breakfast
Paul Armstrong
"I've been doing so much experimental photography that the kids completely ignore whatever I'm doing and just go about their morning. They most likely think I'm insane, which isn't too far off."
Working Hard
Paul Armstrong
"I think this is my favorite so far. Well lit, good positioning, good perspective, and the hair is perfectly insane."
Snow Day
Paul Armstrong
"I took 2 different shots of the car and I. This one isn't keeping with my "size" ratio, but does a good job of exaggerating the size, the other looks a tad more realistic but doesn't quite pull of the "extreme" I want. Its harder than it looks to get a believable, realistic shot, but I'm pleased with the result. Sorta."
Snow Day Part 2
Paul Armstrong
"Yet another snow day here in Ohio."
Relaxing At Home
Paul Armstrong
"There are more "things" to compare perspective and depth within this picture -- plus its the whole family (poochie included)."
Little Me
Paul Armstrong
"It's 5am and I can't sleep -- horrible dreams, racing heart, full mind. So I figured I might as well try a new thing -- Little Me. Recently I passed the 200,000 views mark -- but I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to look or take a picture., and I figured this theme and the milestone might go hand in hand."
Shy Guy
Paul Armstrong
"It's nice to feel small every now and then (because I'm 6'4" and far from it). Being small, sometimes can mean insignificance, or shyness, or low self-esteem -- for me, its shyness."
Midnight Snack
Paul Armstrong
"How would I make the kids breakfast if I were this small? I imagine it would be like a mobile, agile, talking infant. I can walk and hold things (without throwing them or drooling on them) but just too small to actually do it well."
Paul Armstrong
"I find myself going about the day imagining myself as being actually little -- and what it would be like, how I would have to adapt to do my everyday activities."
Friendly Help
Paul Armstrong
"Time for some context on the size ... and thankfully I have Sonya to help me out. I suppose its also a good metaphor for us as humans -- thinking of ourselves as self-sufficient and self-contained, needing no one, being able to do anything; when really we all need help, we all need someone, we're not as big as we think we are."
Camera Love
Paul Armstrong
"Here's the best birthday gift I could ask for. Yesterday I spent some time getting to know Juan Diaz (thats the camera's name) and I'm without speech. Its like learning all over again. Everything I snap I think is crap or unworthy of such a fine instrument, but I promise to post the results from Juan soon."
Action Figure
Paul Armstrong
"Since I work at home, there isn't much I carry with me, but when I do venture out into the "world" I usually bring along these things. Nothing special, just stuff."
Look Out!
Paul Armstrong
So I was mowing our very long grass the other day - and by very long I mean very long - and I found that; what I'd have to call some lawn-gnome had created a residence within.
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