Paulina Rubio Hires Private Detective To Prove Her Husband Is A Bad Father

Attention all mothers: Ever wonder whether your husband is a good father when you're not around? Well, Paulina Rubio has a surefire way to find out: Hire a private detective.

The Mexican pop star filed an emergency motion in Miami last month to have her estranged husband, Nicolas Vallejo-Nájera, deprived of all custody rights of their 2-year-old son, TMZ reports via court documents obtained.

This comes as a result of the private eye's discoveries, which, if true, essentially corroborate Rubio's theory that her hubby was not up to par as a father. The court docs say the private detective found that Vallejo-Nájera "repeatedly demonstrated detrimental behavior and a lack of parental responsibility."

Some of Vallejo-Nájera's offenses included taking their son outside while he was sick, smoking around him, refusing to change his diaper all day and leaving him unsupervised.

Rubio seems to have relented, though, as the documents indicate the couple settled on an agreement to have a nanny around while Vallejo-Nájera is watching their child.

Rubio recently concluded a world tour in conjunction with her 2011 album "Brava!" The singer reached crossover success in 2002 when she released her first English-language album, "Border Girl," which contained the popular single "Don't Say Goodbye." She married Vallejo-Nájera in 2007. The couple announced their separation in March 2012.



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