'People You Know' Launched By Orchard Winfield Productions

A new online new media series is slated to hit the web and it follows the complicated and intersecting relationships of a group of characters living in New York City.

The first season of "People You Know" will involve 13 episodes and be available for streaming and for purchase in July after the series launch event. The edgy and provocative show is being released in conjunction with June as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, and aims to truly reflect the people we all know.

“Every decision these characters make has a ripple effect. When things go wrong, they turn to the family they’ve created rather than their own blood,” co-creator Baltimore Russell said in a statement. “That is what makes this show so interesting –- while you might see one character being supportive, they might be also holding someone else back from achieving their dreams.”

Check out the trailer above. The premiere of "People You May Know" will take place at on Monday, June 23, at Industry in NYC. Head here for more information.