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This Polar Bear Mug Lid Is So Mean, We Don't Even Know What To Say (PHOTO)

It's so cute, but it's also breaking our hearts.
01/27/2014 09:19am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

We went through many stages of grief after we first saw this polar bear mug lid by Propaganda. First we thought, "Holy cow, that is so cute." Then we thought, "Oh no, wait, that's the meanest thing we've ever seen." Then we started panicking about climate change and cute polar bears. Then we took a nap under our desks.

While climate change still has its naysayers, according to, you know, science, the polar ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate. In case you need to remind yourself of that fact every time you want to keep your mug of coffee piping hot, this tragic mug lid was made just for you.

polar bear mug lid

We're pretty sure we'd feel guilty every time we set it on top of our coffee mug and looked at that polar bear's poor face. If you are either impervious to guilt, or would desperately like to guilt someone else, you can get yourself a polar bear mug lid from the Fancy.

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