The 10 Most Polarizing Foods

The 10 Most Polarizing Foods

There are foods you love, foods you hate and foods that probably fall somewhere in between. We get it -- not everyone has to like everything (Though we do recommend at least trying it, just like your mother told you!) But there are some foods that inspire more opinionated and polarized reactions than others. These foods are either the best tasting, or the worst tasting thing out there, depending on whom you talk to. Why such extremes? Well, in the case of foods like cilantro, there are actual scientific reasons for peoples' disgust (or love). When it comes to something like blue cheese, reasons tend to fall more into the vague category of "acquired taste." At the end of the day, no matter how much you may hate a certain food, taste is subjective, rather than objective (Except for brownies. If you don't like brownies, then there is something wrong with you).

Check out some of the most polarizing foods in the slideshow below. We know there are more out there, so voice your thoughts in the comments!


Polarizing Foods

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