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Pornhub Times Square Billboard Meets Stiff Opposition, Comes Down

Pornhub Times Square Billboard Meets Stiff Opposition, Comes Down

It was a case of premature evacuation.

A Pornhub billboard erected Monday in Times Square has come down almost as quickly as it went up.

The sign -- which displayed the winning entry in a contest for a non-pornographic ad concept -- read, "All You Need Is Hand," with two hands forming a heart.

But the relatively tame campaign seemed to meet stiff opposition. Pornhub Vice President Corey Price told The Huffington Post the DoubleTree hotel, which occupies the building where the sign was mounted, objected strongly enough to have it removed early Wednesday.

"Our initial agreement with City Outdoor, the company that owns the billboard space, was that we had full approval for the ad to be placed in the initial location," Price said.

A DoubleTree employee contacted by HuffPost declined to comment. A request for comment to Hilton, the hotel's parent company, was not immediately returned.

Now Pornhub is scouting alternative sites for the ad in New York City and other metropolitan areas, Price said.

But the mainstream campaign hasn't gone away entirely. To bolster the marketing, Pornhub put together a video with the Gotham Rock Choir that melds the Beatles' classic "All You Need Is Love" with Pornhub's "All You Need Is Hand" parody version.

We're not sure the Fab Four would have approved, but what the heck:

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