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Prada Sues Preferred Fragrance Inc. For Blatant 'Prada Candy' Knock-Off

Fragrance brands face enough customer competition on department store shelves. But factor in all of the knock-offs that go with those brand-name scents? Things are bound to get ugly.

Prada has filed suit against Preferred Fragrance Inc., the self-proclaimed "leading distributor of designer-inspired perfumes," for trademark infringement. The Italian fashion house claims that Preferred's Party Candy perfume violates Prada's Prada Candy copyright, reports Page Six.

One look at the packages and it's not hard to see the resemblance: The magenta boxes and tall, slim bottles are almost identical. While we can't speak to the quality gap, it seems the biggest difference is the price. Prada Candy retails for $82, while you can order Party Candy online for $3.99.

"Our consumers enjoy a high quality, luxury experience at about a third of the price of traditional designer lines," Preferred writes on its web site. Clearly, the company miscalculated not only the price of its Prada knock-off, but also Prada's reaction to the rip-off.

See photos of the two fragrances below and tell us: Does Prada have a case?

Prada's Prada Candy perfume:

prada candy

Preferred Fragrance Inc.'s Party Candy perfume:

party candy

This is just the beginning...

COPYCATS! Designer Knock-Offs

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