Progressive District Embraces Professional Learning

Lake Washington School District in the eastern suburbs of Seattle, prides itself on being a progressive school district. Their graduation rate is consistently around 90% and 81% of the class of 2104 enrolled in a post-secondary institution within two years of graduation.

One of the reasons for their student success in college and career readiness is the enthusiastic culture of professional learning shared by the faculty of the district. In this interview I conducted with Charlotte Plouse, Caitlin Bank and Ashley Boughton, we discuss the program of coaching that the district has embraced over the last four years.

The coaching program at Lake Washington is not an afterthought or something that only works in theory. Lots of time and effort went into researching what makes a good coaching program succeed and the ways in which participation can help improve student outcomes. There is an emphasis on choice for the teachers and as Charlotte puts it, “They have the ability to request a coach, and we are accessible to teachers whether they're brand new to the district bringing experience with them or if they are in their third year or beyond.” They can also sign up as an individual or a team.”

The coaching approach is paying off for many stakeholders in the district, and leaders from around the country are looking to Lake Washington as a model for professional development in K-12 education.

About Lake Washington School District:

Lake Washington School District in King County, Washington, is the third largest school district in the state with an enrollment of over 29,000 students. The Lake Washington School District’s mission is focused on graduating Every Student Future Ready. This means every student is prepared for college, prepared for the global workplace, and prepared for personal success. The district was formed in 1944 by combining three smaller districts.

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