These States Order The Most Pumpkin Spice Items

New data from Grubhub breaks down our pumpkin spice obsession.
Data from Grubhub shows most Americans are not trying to get their pumpkin fix in August.
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Data from Grubhub shows most Americans are not trying to get their pumpkin fix in August.

Brands have already started rolling out their pumpkin spice offerings, but it looks like most Americans don’t start craving these fall-flavored treats until the season actually begins. And the level of pumpkin spice mania around you may vary based on where you live.

New data from Grubhub shows which states order pumpkin foods the most and when the demand is highest. To determine the latter, the food delivery service looked at each month’s orders in comparison to the rest of the year.

According to Grubhub’s findings, October is the peak month for pumpkin- and pumpkin-spice-flavored dishes, with 118% more orders that month than usual levels. November follows with 92% more orders, and September is the third most popular month. (Thus vindicating everyone who complains that August is too early for PSLs.)

As for geography, it seems West Coasters love to get their pumpkin fix. The five states with the most pumpkin orders are California, Oregon, Washington, Ohio and Utah.

Grubhub also looked into which pumpkin and pumpkin spice dishes rose the most in popularity between fall 2017 and fall 2018. Pumpkin spice pancakes were 365% more popular, followed by pumpkin pie milkshakes (339%), pumpkin spiced cheesecake (329%), pumpkin cupcakes (263%) and pumpkin spice cookies (155%).

Beyond the pumpkin realm, other fall flavors are gaining popularity. Caramel apple took the second place spot, followed by apple cinnamon, pear, and maple. Grubhub also predicted the fall’s top foods other than pumpkin: pesto pasta, fried okra and lemongrass soup.

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